Operation conditions of metal etching process

Source:Zhejiang Filter Technology Co., LTDPublication time:2018-07-16

Process operating conditions

Etching is the key to the decorative pattern of metal plate pattern. In order to get the stripe with clear stripes and strong decoration, it is necessary to control the conditions of the etching process. It is mainly the temperature and etching time of the etching solution. The solution temperature is high, it can improve the speed of metal dissolution, that is, etching speed, shorten the time required for etching, but the etching solution is usually strong acid solution, strong acid liquid is highly corrosive in high temperature, easy to soften protective coating or corrosion resistant ink to dissolve, make metal non etched parts resistant. The corrosion resistance of the etching layer decreases, resulting in the erosion or dissolution of the corrosion resistant coating on the junction of etch and non etch, making the etch pattern blurred, affecting the aesthetic truth and decorative effect of the pattern, so the temperature should not exceed 45 degrees C.

Similarly, if the etching time is too long, especially the high temperature of the etchant, the corrosion resistant ink or protective coating is impregnated for too long, which also has the aforementioned side effects and adverse consequences. Therefore, the time control should also be appropriate and cannot be soaked for too long. In general, it should not exceed 20 to 25min.