Matters needing attention in oil purifying machine

Source:Zhejiang Filter Technology Co., LTDPublication time:2018-07-16

Precautions for operation of high precision oil purifying machine

The oil level of the vacuum pump of the high precision oil filter must be kept on the oil mark line.

If the oil liquid in the vacuum tank is overfoam, the vacuum valve can be opened slightly to reduce the vacuum and reduce the foam, so that the vacuum oil filter can operate normally.

The oil sample is taken from the sampling valve and strictly operated according to the sampling standard, otherwise the accuracy of the test will be affected.

When the filtration flow is significantly reduced, the pressure of the front filter and the rear filter should be checked. If the pressure exceeds the normal value, the filter paper should be replaced.

When the liquid level exceeds the condenser's center of the window, the oil must be released in time.

The specific operation procedures of the high precision oil filter are carried out according to the specifications of the instructions.