Cleaning of the filter

Source:Zhejiang Filter Technology Co., LTDPublication time:2018-07-16

The filter is a netting made of chemical fibre material in the fan. If the blockage of the filter network is serious, the air supply volume of the fan coil unit will be greatly reduced, thus reducing the refrigerating heat of the room and affecting the air quality quality of the room. Under normal circumstances, the continuous use should be cleaned 1 times in January. Cleaning methods from the convenient, quick, small workload, low labor intensity, low labor intensity and low angle of consideration, cleaning method of vacuum cleaner, also can be used under the filter net with pressure water rinse or scrub; for oil pollution, the use of chemical cleaning agent cleaning, Hebei filter cleaning, clean with clean water.

Because the fan coil mostly uses the initial effect filter, the fine dust will pass through the filter to attach to the coil surface, and the condensate will bring the dust into the condensate plate, causing the rise of the water level in the disc or the blockage of the drain. So in time to clean, otherwise the condensate will overflow from the water tray, damage the decorative layer, and easily breed bacteria, Liaoning filter plate mosquitoes, constitute a health threat to the personnel.

In general, the condensate pan is cleaned for 2 times in 1 years. If the air conditioning is used seasonally, then 1 times after the air conditioning season is finished.

The cleaning method is usually washed with water, and the sewage has the condensing pipe. In the process of cleaning, it is necessary to pay attention to the smooth flow of the condensing pipe, and the pressure water or the compressed air can be used to clean the drainage pipe. If the bacteria are cleaned and eliminated, the condensate disc after cleaning needs to be washed with disinfectant water, and the method of intradet dosage can be used to deal with it, but the selection of the tablets is to eliminate the bacteria, the ability to remove the algae, and to take full consideration of the corrosion of the metal plate to the metal plate.