Rimmed Filter Mesh


The company's filter mesh assembly, mesh main materials are stainless steel woven mesh, stainless steel fiber felt, phosphorus and copper mesh, according to the shape is divided into round, rectangular, oval, crescent, semi-circular, such as copper-plated nickel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. The number of mesh layers is single and multi-storey. Gasket sealing materials include copper, aluminum and stainless steel.
Our company can produce all kinds of products according to customer drawings.


The company's Rimmed Filter Mesh,a key material used in mesh stainless steel braid,stainless steel fiber carpets,ling copper network,network brass.material for the rimmed circle has copper, copper nickel, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized plate etc..

——Application:all kinds of "chemical fiber spinning machine, leather and non-woven equipment, twin screw extruder" the spray head and component filter.
—— A variety of shapes: rectangle, square, round, oval, ring etc..
——Structure: single, double, multilayer.
—— Filter piece diameter: 5 mm to 600 mm.
The company can provide customers with a variety of drawings and specifications of the product.