Metallic Fiber Felt-02


Sintered fiber felt is made of metal fiber in micrometer through lapping, laminate and high temperature sintering.Sintered fiber felt which has proe diameter grads formed by layers of different pore size can achieve high filterting accuracy and larger dirt holding capacity than singler layer felt. Sintered fiber felt has uniform poresize, high permeability and mechanical intension. It is not only resistant to corrosion and high temperature,but also can be welded, folded and reused.The sintered fiber felt is an ideal high efficient filter media suitable for working at high temperature, high differential pressure and high corrosion atmosphere.

We can offer the sintered fiber felt 3-100 micron according to the customer's requirement and the max size 1200X1500mm is available.



High-polymer filtering
Chemical, medical, food & beverage, water and printing ink filtering
Dust-collecting for high temperature gas
Oil refining vacuum pump filtering
Pre-filtering in ultra filter, protecting filter in vacuum pump
Support for gauze filter and carrier for catalyst
Safety bag in automobile
Fuel & hydraulic system filtering in airplanesans ships


1.Bubble Pressure Tests meet the ASTME 128-61 standards. Equivalent to ISO4003 standards.
2.Average Gas Test Meet the NFA95-352 standards. Equivalent to ISO4022 standards.
3.Pollutant carrying capacity test meet the ISO16889 standards, confirm pollutant carrying capacity's pressure drop is 8 times the initial pressure drop's.

Specifications for the metallic fiber felt with supporting mesh